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Quilt Show Information

St. Andrew Bay Quilters’ Guild presents Quilt Show 2014

Congratulations to all of our 2014 Quilt Show winners.

Best of Show - “Ruffled Roses” Patty MacMonigal and Jo-Ellen Rogers

Best of Show Quilt 2014


Viewers Choice - Linda Carpenter -"Affairs of the Heart"

Viewer's Choice Quilt 2014


Full list of winners for 2014

BEST OF SHOW  #158  “Ruffled Roses” by: Patty MacMonigal
                                            Machine Quilted by:  Jo-Ellen Rogers
JUDGES CHOICE  #154  “Feather Star” by:  Aking Osborne

            1ST Place :  #103          Tracy Bell                         “Pinwheels”                          
            2nd Place:  #101           Joan Oldham                        “Grandmother’s Flower Garden
            3rd Place:  #104           Beverly Spark                        “Sunny Lanes Batik Style
            Hon Men:  105              Peggy Edwards             “Frankie’s Quilt”

            1ST Place:  #158            Patty MacMonigal            “Ruffled Rosebuds”
            2nd Place:  #152            Patricia Russell             “Lightning Strikes Twice”
            3rd Place:  #162            Carolyn Pic                         “Third Weekend in October”
            Hon Men:  #157            Joyce Post                         “Tulips or Rosebuds”
            Hon Men:  #151            Lois Stanek                         “Red All Around”
            Hon Men:  #160            Sharon Thiel                         “Floral Sonata”

            1ST Place:  #210                       Linda Carpenter             “Affairs of the Heart”
            2nd Place:  #211                        Julie Gray                         “Sand & Sea”
            3rd Place:  #207                        Joan Oldham                         “Feedsack Snail’s Trail”
            Hon Men:  #209                        Joanna Mayer                         “Redwork Inspiration”
            Hon Men:  #203                        Beverly Pierzchala            “Thanks for the Memories”


            1st Place:  #309                        Sue Gulkis                         “Rockets Red Glare”
         2nd Place:  #306                        Sharon Thiel                         “Liberty”
            3rd Place:  #303                        Bobbi Clemens             “Black Baskets”
            Hon Men:  #302                        Mary Zahner                         “Red Sun”
            Hon Men:  #307                        Lisa Lehnhoff                         “Reef Days”

            1ST Place:  #332                        Tracy Bell                        “Penny Wise”
            2nd Place:  #330                        Bonnie Holley             “Flamingo Cove”
            3rd Place:  #326                        Mary Zahner                         “Window”
            Hon Men:  #333                        Sharon Pippins             “Oreo In The Garden”
            Hon Men:  #327                        Kristin Rolle                         “Wild Alaska Salmon”

            1st Place:  #367                        Nancy McAlmond             “Mariner’s Compass”
            2nd Place:  #360                        Connie Bernhard             “Carolina”
            3rd Place:  #361                        Diane Russell                         “Chocolate Mint”
            Hon Men:  #368                        Beverly Spark                         “Court Memory 2013”
            Hon Men:  #353                        Pam Edens                         “Stripes”

            1st Place:  #376                        Joan Oldham                         “French Flowers”
            2nd Place:  #377                        Patty MacMonigal            “Winter In the Garden”
            3rd Place:  #381                        Julie Gray                         “Rose of Sharon”
            Hon Men:  #383                        Aking Osborne             “Love of Roses”
            Hon Men:  #379                        Ruth Gross                         “Quilt Diva”

            1st Place:  #413                        Joyce Rogers                         “Halloween and More”
            2nd Place:  #405                        Bobbi Clemens             “Snowman Christmas Alphabet”
            3rd Place:  #414                        Rhea Jenkins                         “Chanticleer & Company”
            Hon Men:  #404                        Mary Nelson                         “Christmas Oaks”
            Hon Men:  #407                        Sharon Pippins             “Hallows Eve”

            1st Place:  #505                        Sandy Sturgis                         “Mini Mariner”
            2nd Place:  #516                        Jo-Ellen Rogers             “Paint Chip Silks”
            3rd Place:  #511                        Cindy Smith                         “Fourth of July”
            Hon Men:  #506                        Sharon Thiel                         “Little Yellow Pinwheels”
            Hon Men:  #510                        Linda Carr                         “I Have the Vapors”

            1st Place:  #604                        Jo-Ellen Rogers             “Handwork 101”
            2nd Place:  #601                        Tracy Bell                         “Just a Little Seaside Sonata”
            3rd Place:  #602                        Sharon Thiel                         “Friendship”
            Hon Men:  #603                        Diane Russell                         “White Cloud”


St. Andrew Bay Quilters’ Guild will once again present their annual Quilt Show.   Members of the Panama City community as well as visitors to the area are invited to come and view the wide variety of quilts on display.  We once again will be holding the show at the Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, 5622 Julie Dr., Panama City, Fl.  The church is located on the corner of Hwy. 231 and Julie Drive.  It is approximately 4 miles north of the Panama City Mall on Hwy. 321.

The 2014 Quilt Show, “It’s A Holiday”, is a judged event.  Our judge is an NQA certified Quilt Judge.  Only members of St. Andrew Bay Quilters’ Guild may enter quilts into the show.  Quilts are judged by the category or type of quilt.  The categories for this year’s show are:  Bed Size Quilts made by one person, Bed Size Quilts made by two persons, Group Quilts, Wall Quilts- small pieced, small appliquéd, large pieced, and large appliquéd, Theme, Miniature, and Other.  Quilts entered in the “holiday” category should represent the quilt maker’s interpretation of a holiday. 

Winners of the Quilt Contest are awarded ribbons.  These beautiful ribbons are hand made by Guild members.  It really is a prize to receive one of these ribbons.

2014 Opportunity QuiltOne of the other features of our Quilt Show is the display of our Opportunity Quilt.  Each year Guild members make a special quilt.  This quilt is won by a drawing at the conclusion of the show.   The tickets are available for purchase from any Guild member or you may contact

Visitors to the show may also browse our Silent Auction which includes hand made quilt items as well as fabulous Gift Baskets which contain wonderful quilt gift items.  Our Quilt Boutique has items available for sale.  These too are handmade quilt related items.

A unique feature of our show is our “Teachable Moments”.  Guild members will be demonstrating different quilting tricks and techniques during set times throughout the day.  Look for the schedule when you enter the show.
Lastly, what would a show be without VENDORS!  We offer a nice variety of vendors who are selling just what you need to make your quilt self complete.

We look forward to seeing you at the show and sharing our quilts with you.

Visit our Scrapbook page to see photos from previous Quilt Shows

Map of Quilt Show location
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, 5622 Julie Dr, Panama City, FL 32404